XD OSP 9mm Slide Assembly

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Upgrade your full-size XD® handgun with the new XD OSP (Optical Sight Pistol) Slide Assembly and Kit options. These 4" 9mm kits and assemblies provide original XD owners OSP capabilities as well as the ability to convert certain XD models to a full-size 4" 9mm configuration. The slide assemblies, featuring included cover plate, are cut to accept OSP optics mounting plates available for a wide range of popular optics.

  • All kits ship with (1) XD5072 plate, click here for compatibility list 

Slide assemblies fit 4" and 5" original XD full-size handguns. Not compatible with XD® Mod.2, XD-M®, XD-M® Elite, XD-S®, XD-S® Mod.2 or XD-E® handguns.


The Red Dot Advantage

Achieve a single focal plane, wider field of view and faster transitions with the XD OSP slide assembly and mounted red dot. The included iron sights allow the user to co-witness with certain optics and retain the ability to utilize back up iron sights if needed.

For XD Handguns

Slide kit that includes barrel and recoil assembly (XD4902, XD4904) converts the following:

  • XD 5" 9mm to XD 4" OSP 9mm
  • XD 4" .40 to XD 4" OSP 9mm (with purchase of 9mm magazine)
  • XD 5" .40 to XD 4" OSP 9mm (with purchase of 9mm magazine)

Slide assemblies (XD4901, XD4903) convert the following:

  • XD 4" 9mm to XD 4" OSP 9mm


32 Reviews

32 Reviews
  • 5
    Completely satisfied.

    Posted by Devin on Jun 9th 2024

    I bought the xd 9mm osp slide assembly with the crimson trace, converting my xd 9 to osp. This is my favorite pistol and now I love it even more. Top notch quality and now it feels and looks like a new gun. The crimson trace is not up to par for my needs but the plate provided allowed me to mount a Vortex defender st red dot & Fits like a glove. I was lost reading forums about the footprint. But I took my new slide to turners and they layed out optional red dots that fit the crimson trace mounting plate provided and options were.... Sig Romeo pro??? Delta pro and Vortex. Other reviews say holosun.... but there's confusion on which plate you need when ordering plus videos online saying u need to shave down the plate. Idk seemed dumb to me. So I went with Vortex defender st 3moa and I love it. Even though the new slide has huge new iron sights, due to height of plate .... co witness is iffy. My Vortex is able to co witness only with the front sight but I don't mind that. For the slide and my Vortex I spent 700 and change. Many say we'll you should have just bought the xdm elite which is osp ready out the box , but I have been shooting this xd for 2 years and is perfect for me. If your holding an old model xd non osp I highly suggest this... even without a red dot the new iron sights are bad ass.

  • 5
    Xds 9 ?

    Posted by Jesse on May 7th 2024

    Does this fit the Xds-9mm?

  • 5

    Posted by WeekendShooter on Mar 21st 2024

    I've wanted to upgrade one of my carry pistols to red dot optics, and this factory item appeared as the most cost-effective way for me to do so. This high-quality genuine Springfield replacement slide has brought a whole new life to my XD9 that I bought 25 years ago after a dealer showed me that it was more ergonomical than a Glock. With the correct adapter plate, it mates perfectly to my Holosun 507c X2, and the test-fire session went well. The optic allows me the most rapid sight picture acquisition, and the shot groups achieved from a bench are the tightest I have ever achieved with a 9mm carry gun. The extra high profile iron sights are perfect for backup in the event of optic or battery failure, and with only a tiny bit of filing the whole rig will fit and draw perfectly from the original Springfield paddle holster. I am thrilled that I didn't have to buy another gun or spend a fortune on a custom-milled slide, and the price-point was very friendly. I just wish the correct mounting plate had been included originally and that I didn't have to spend extra to obtain the correct plate (but it was worth it). Buyer be advised to make sure that you obtain the correct plate (the illustration suggests that two plates are included but if you read the text carefully you realize that only one is included, and then you have to figure out if it is the right or wrong plate).

  • 5

    Posted by Gregory Bernard on Feb 17th 2024


  • 5
    Xd osp slide

    Posted by Mike Capps on Feb 11th 2024

    Awesome great fit made a huge difference

  • 5
    Xd osp slide

    Posted by Mike Capps on Feb 9th 2024

    Works perfectly. Great product

  • 5
    Slide Assembly + Crimson Trace

    Posted by Jose on Dec 31st 2023

    I wanted a gun with a red dot and I saw this set up at a gun range where I usually shoot. After some research I decided to get an XD and got the slide assembly with the crimson trace. This is my first red dot set up. I took it to the range 2 days ago (11/29) and after 10 rnds and some adjustments I was hitting tight grouping at 5 and 7 yds. This set up is AWESOME…..The ergonomic on the XD is great and the recoil is very manageable. The next day I took both my sons (15 & 19 yrs old)to the range to try it and they enjoyed shooting the XD. They were hitting bullseye at 7 yds. even if they only visit the range twice a year. Did not expect my first experience with red dot to be this easy. Great job Springfield Armory. Did I mention that I got the gear up package as well? 3 mags and a range bag?

  • 5

    Posted by Joseph W Teicheira on Dec 16th 2023

    Easy assembly. Co-witnesses just fine. I have this slide combo on both of my XD's.

  • 4
    XD osp 9MM conversion from XD40

    Posted by Robert on Oct 2nd 2023

    Although the kit came without instructions or the "HOW TO'S" I am very mechanically inclined and watched a You TubeVideo and installed the Red Dot but have not had a chance to shoot it. I have emailed Springfield and Crimson Trace for the How To Instructions and that is why I rated it at 4.