Springfield Armory Multi Caliber Pistol Cleaning Kit

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The Springfield Armory Multi Caliber pistol cleaning kit is compact, lightweight and includes all components needed to clean your Springfield pistol.  Excellent for range bags and ruck packs.  Black Double Coated Cleaning Rods makes bore cleaning fast and safe for your barrel.  Includes XD and Springfield Armory morale patches that fit on the outside of your zipper case. 
Compatible with all Springfield pistols:
XD (all variants)
1911 DS

  • Black Cordura Zipper Case
  • Springfield Armory Morale Patch 3" x 1"
  • XD Morale Patch 3" x 1"
  • 6.5" Double Coated Cleaning Rod
  • Springfield Armory T Handle (Non-Rotating)
  • 3 Spear tip Brass Jags for 9mm, 10/40, .45
  • 3 Bronze Bristle Bore Brush 9mm, 10/40, 45
  • Nylon Bristle Bore Brush multi caliber
  • Brass Patch Holder
  • 1 Step CLP 1/2 oz. bottle
  • 2 1/4 Square Cotton Flannel Cleaning Patches
  • Made in USA 

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