Magholder Horizontal Magazine Carrier - SA-35

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Magholder Horizontal spare mag carrier for Springfield SA-35 magazines.  Made of impact resistant, high strength, nylon reinforced polymer, Magholder mag carriers are 100% Made in the USA, and offer a lifetime guarantee.  
  • Please NOTE, read fitment instructions carefully before selecting RH or LH.  For most shooters, right handed shooters will want a LH mag carrier, and left handed shooters will want a RH mag carrier.  

Fitment: Configurable options are either Left or Right orientation, referring to which hand you will use to grab your spare magazine. NOTE!!  most shooters will reload using their off hand, or non dominant hand.  So if you are a traditional right handed shooter, you most likely will be reaching for your spare magazine with your LEFT hand, and therefore would purchase left handed magholder mag carriers.   And vice versa, if you are left handed shooter, most likely you will want to reach for your spare magazine with your Right hand, and therefore would want to purchase right handed magholder mag carriers.   For further information, try this helpful article on "Do I want a LH or RH model Magholder"

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