LevAR™ Ratcheting Charging Handle

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A stuck cartridge in your AR-15 due to out of spec ammunition renders your weapon useless until cleared. Carbine instructors train students to slam the butt of the gun against the ground to free stuck casings causing potential damage to your firearm. The patented LevAR™ ratcheting charging handle gives users a 3:1 mechanical advantage over traditional charging handles and clears stuck cartridges with ease while keeping your muzzle pointed safely down range. Simply deploy the ratcheting arm and pull back to eject the casing. The LevAR™ installs in seconds and is compatible with any standard AR-15 upper receiver.

  • Dimensions: 7.25" x 2.25" x .5"
  • Weight: 2.9 oz

The Dual-Purpose Charging Handle

The patented LevAR™ charging handle is designed to work with any mil-spec style AR-15 and incorporates a deployable arm that assists in removing a lodged cartridge in the event of a failure. When the arm is not in use, the LevAR™ acts as any standard ambidextrous charging handle.

Easily Remove Lodged Casings

The mechanical advantage of the LevAR™ allows for a greater output force with minimal effort from the operator. The end result is the ability to clear a catastrophic malfunction much quicker than using traditional methods.

1. Deploy LevAR

Depress the top button and rotate the arm outboard in a counterclockwise motion.

2. Pull to Extract Casing

Grasp the arm firmly and retract the LevAR™ completely rearward in one swift motion. The cartridge/case will be removed from the chamber and ejected through the ejection port.

8 Reviews

8 Reviews
  • 5

    Posted by Franklin Stahlman on Jun 7th 2024

    Charging handle worked perfectly in my AR really like it

  • 5
    Ratching Handle fits my piston driven rifle

    Posted by Richard Roduner on May 13th 2024

    This handle was easy to install on my piston driven rifle. I haven't needed to use the ratcheting accessory yet, but I am glad I have it.

  • 1
    Not Compatible

    Posted by JMo307 on Apr 22nd 2024

    Does not work with a Sig Patrolman 5.56 Upper

  • 5
    Charger lever seemed to be a good idea

    Posted by Ron Hartley on Apr 21st 2024

    As an instructor I require my firearms to be the best and set to perform under multiple conditions. I have had no reason to own the item other than being prepared in case of need. Installed as a precaution. Having only used Springfield firearms in my training classes it was an upgrade for a just in case needed.

  • 5
    Ratcheting Charge? What?

    Posted by martin meewis on Apr 14th 2024

    Well, when I first saw this TOOL, I thought why you would need this. Then I remembered the few times I had a case that got stuck in the chamber. I reload almost all of my ammo, not all cases will "size" perfectly and you won't now this until they jam. I have not had a chance to take this out to the range yet, but I have run a few resized cases though my gun just to see if any would jam. Nothing yet, but at least now I know it I do get a jam I'm not stuck. If you have not experienced a jam yet, be ready, it will happen right when you don't need it to. If you have had a jam, you know how fun it can be to remove it. Save yourself the headache, add one of these to your AR, if you never need it great, but at least your ready.

  • 5
    A Real Advantage

    Posted by Leon Goldstein on Apr 13th 2024

    It's made in Turkey but appears to be of quality construction. With the swing-out handle deployed, pulling on it cams the charging handle against the receiver and provides powerful initial pull on the BCG to unlock the bolt.

  • 5
    Not Compatible with AR 10

    Posted by Robert Johnson on Nov 17th 2023

    Well built and sturdy. Bought it for my Saint Victor AR 10. It works for my AR 15. Springfield, please make an AR 10 version.

  • 5
    Very interesting charging handle

    Posted by SONNY Ketchersid on Feb 6th 2023

    I like the way it feels,larger in size to help work around most optics,plus makes it ambidextrous,with the security of be able to fix failed elections easier