Hex™Dragonfly® 45 Degree Offset Rail Mount, Right Hand

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The HEX™ 45 Degree Offset Mount, tailor-made for the Dragonfly®, is crafted from lightweight machined aluminum with a sleek matte black anodized finish ensuring seamless compatibility with Picatinny rails. Unlocking versatility, it allows users to effortlessly switch between magnified and non-magnified sights with ease. The low-profile Torx locking screws (T-20) guarantee a secure fit, while the 1.9oz weight, 1.41" offset, and 1.57" length offer optimal balance. Designed for mounting on the right-hand side of the firearm, this accessory is also compatible with Springfield Standard, Vortex, Burris, and Doctor footprints.

Material Machined ALuminum, Annodized
Compatibility Picatinny
Weight 1.9 oz
Offset 1.41"
Length 1.57"


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