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The 15-round magazine for the Hellcat features stainless steel construction for durability, numbered round count witness holes and a polymer follower. The magazine's extension gives you extra gripping area and has a pattern that matches the Adaptive Grip Texture of the Hellcat's frame. The 15-Round magazine measures only .28" taller than the 13-round extended magazine.

For easy loading to maximum capacity we recommend using the Hellcat mag loader.

13 Reviews

13 Reviews
  • 3

    Posted by Mason on Mar 26th 2023

    Kind of mad it cost so much fou d the same mags for much less will be buying your products from 3rd party from now on. BUT the mags are great just like all your products and guns only problem inhave is the price of gear you sell, not the gun prices there honestly cery fair

  • 5

    Posted by Jeff Harrelson on Mar 16th 2023

    It was perfect

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    A round rattles

    Posted by Justin Barlock on Feb 27th 2023

    It seems no matter how carefully I load the (3) 15 round mags I purchased I always get 1 round that rattles and it always seems to be round 13. I’ve unloaded all three mags multiple times and shot all three mags 5 or 6 times and all 15 rounds shoot but I still get that rattle which makes it very noticeable for CCW. I’ve had to go back to using the 13 round mag for my CCW and only use these for at the range. I gave 4 stars bc they do still cycle all the rounds through every time.

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    15 round hellcat magazine

    Posted by Benny Goldate on Feb 16th 2023

    I bought two of them. I used them at the range with my new Hellcat and the thirteen round mag that came with it. They’re just what I needed.

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    15 round magazine

    Posted by G Gallo Jr on Nov 29th 2022

    Like I said in a previous review. Excellent made I just had to order more.

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    Hellcat 15 rounds magazine

    Posted by G Gallo Jr on Nov 24th 2022

    Great product I not only brought 1 I purchased 4 magazine.

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    Hand Comfort

    Posted by Mr.MudFlap on Nov 7th 2022

    Been packing Hellcat for sometime now, till I got the 15rd clip I wasn't completely sold. I have XL clubs for hands and without the added length of the 15rd mag I wasn't able to grip the Hellcat correctly. Personally my pinky and half my ring finger was hanging off the grip, I really wish Springfield would release a 18rd clip.

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    Hellcat 15 red. Mag

    Posted by William Proctor on Oct 24th 2022

    Fit, Finnish and function are flawless great product

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    High quality high capacity

    Posted by HORACE on Oct 10th 2022

    15 rounds in such a small package is amazing. Besides the extra rounds I like shooting more with the extra grip. these are high quality and will last a long time.