Carbon Fiber .223 Wylde AR Barrel - 16" with Gas Block and Gas Tube Kit

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16" BSF barrel, jacketed in a roll-wrapped carbon fiber sleeve and loaded under tension.  This means 95 percent of the carbon fiber sleeve doesn't contact the barrel, porviding cooling air gaps and promoting cold bore to warm bore repeatability.  The .223 Wylde chamber offers the flexibility to shoot a wide variety of ammunition while maintaining sub M.O.A. accuracy.  Comes with a Gas Tube and Gas Block assembly parts.


  • Chambered in .223 Wylde
  • Sub M.O.A. guarantee with match grade ammunition and experienced shooter
  • Threaded Barrel (1/2 x 28)
  • 416R Stainless Steel Barrel with carbon fiber wrap
  • Weight of Barrel: 24.98 oz. 

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