Burdette Custom Leather Model HC3 IWB Hellcat/Hellcat OSP with installed Viridian® Red Laser

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Burdette Custom is a true one man custom shop. Holsters are crafted one at a time from premium grade, vegetable tanned leather and quality components. 

This holster is an IWB/AIWB with the main seam on the front of the holster.  This serves two purposes.  The first is comfort, as there is no seam to aggravate the inside of the thigh if carrying appendix.  Second, the back of the clip rides on top of the seam which causes the angle of the clip to force the butt of the pistol into the body to alleviate printing.  This one of a kind custom leather holster design is the ultimate in both comfort and functionality. 
  • Designed to specifically fit the Hellcat/Hellcat OSP with installed Viridian E series Red laser. Compatible with or without manual safety  
  • Will only work with RED lasers, will not work with GREEN lasers 
  • 1.75" belt clip 
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