Burdette Custom C.R.U. IWB Leather Holster - SA-35

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Burdette Custom is a true one man custom shop. Holsters are crafted one at a time from premium grade, vegetable tanned leather and quality components.

This is a custom holster designed specifically for the Springfield Armory SA-35 pistol and similar sized pistols. The C.R.U. model holster, Critical Response Unit, is named after the police unit Mr. Doyle Burdette was assigned to when he conceived of and designed this style holster. It is the most comfortable IWB design on the market, as it spreads the weight of the pistol equally between 2 belt point attachments.

Additionally, since the belt attachments are recessed back, this design style significantly reduces the overall depth of the holster/pistol print, allowing it to disappear into your body.  This is a truly a custom quality holster, with custom quality features not found on mass produced holster models.

  • Leather
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